History of Denim Skirt

Denim skirt is a skirt made of cotton fabric called denim. They are made in different lengths, from full length to mini, and different colors. Some are designed to imitate certain style of jeans, other to look like other types of skirts or to have their own designs.

Denim Jeans Material

While women wore denim pants since 1940s, while they worked in factories during World War 2, denim skirts appeared in 1970s. First denim skirts were made my hippies who first came up with the idea of recycling old denim jeans into long denim skirts. Classic denim skirts were tailored to resemble a common pair of jeans, with a front fly, a fitted waist, belt loops, and pockets. This was characteristic even for denim skirts that were not made from pants. In time skirts became shorter and changed design with idea to move away from men’s jeans. Skirts were made with fringes, lace, leather fringes, broidery, patchwork, rhinestones, or even painting. One more way skirts was moving of a zipper to back or side or a making a column of front buttons as a fake fly. One more similarity that denim skirts have with jeans is ripped or destroyed look that survived to this day. In 1980s funky denim skirt appears that had wild designs with asymmetrical hems, spangles or lacy flounces. One of the most famous funky denim skirt styles is so-called “Santa Fe look”. It was a long, tiered denim skirt with details in Native American style.